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Business Village = Business Networking in Swindon

We Understand…

People attend business networking groups and events for a host of different reasons. At Business Village we have spent some time thinking about this and we believe that most people attend business networking sessions to achieve some, or all, of the following key benefits;

  • Referrals and opportunities to grow the customer base – as we all know a strong referral represents a valuable sales opportunity.
  • To gain business support and ideas & further the development of your business – building your business is often very challenging – sharing business issues with a trusted group of like minded people, who have valuable experience and knowledge about the challenges you are facing can be of great benefit.
  • Personal development – working hard on developing your own business should not mean that you stop developing yourself. Personal skills development and learning is important for us all. Business Village believe that personal development should be a key reason why people join networking groups.
  • Good old social contact – running your own business can be a lonely game – especially if you have previously been employed in a larger organisation. Networking provides that all important element of social contact. At Business Village we believe laughing is good for you! And if – like us – you can find a group of people who can have a laugh at 7-30 in the morning – then we think that you’ve found a good group!

We have set up Business Village to provide exactly these benefits and opportunities. For us in Business Village, this is what business networking is about – a mutually supportive, enthusiastic & friendly community – an encouraging environment – a meeting of minds, not just businesses.

Business owners networking over coffee in Swindon

We get together…

Every Thursday morning, from 07.30 to 09.00 at the Campanile Hotel on the western edge of Swindon (not far from M4 Junc 16 .)

You will gain from…

the insight, knowledge, experience & objectivity of a seasoned group of business people to:

  • Enhance your business through networking
  • Augment your personal & business networking skills
  • Receive qualified introductions & referrals to other businesses
  • Expand your client base
  • Increase your business in a mutually supportive environment

We can all benefit from…

  • Widening our range of trusted, reputable solution providers
  • Introductions to new people and their networks
  • Referrals into new business opportunities
  • The chance to consider joint venture or subcontracting agreements to provide a greater range of services to clients

Like what you hear? …

Then come along and try us out – we’d be delighted to meet you. Please call Jo on 01666 861149 or send us an email if you have any questions at all. We look forward to welcoming you.

Business Village – Business Networking in Swindon

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