Some time ago I started publishing my notes from our weekly meetings on Linked In. These seemed to go down well, serving as a reminder of what was discussed to those present as well as highlighting what people missed by not attending. However, writing these up was time consuming and so I quietly dropped the practice.

Now that we have our shiny new website I thought I would try something a little different, and post my own notes here in blog form, and hope that others will add their own notes from the meeting as well as offering any feedback, referrals etc.

Anyway, here goes for todays meeting :

  • 23 attendees – what a great turnout, especially for the Summer holiday period. I’m expecting great things once the schools go back and people are on the lookout for good quality local networking to boost their businesses;
  • Well done to everyone for keeping their 1-minute introductions to, well, 1 minute! This really does help get around the table efficiently, and I personally still found it enough time to understand what people do and what they are looking for. In addition, plenty of informal networking was going on over breakfast and after the main meeting at 9am as well;
  • We had a couple of new people at the meeting today – Lyn Chapman (Basepoint) and Kiz Davies (a Fitness Coach), plus several who hadn’t been for a while;
  • Charlie Shotton-Gale presented Princess Homecare, a Lyneham-based organisation that provides really personalised and friendly elderly care provision in Rural Wiltshire. Charlie – I’m happy to try to get your slides onto the site if you send them over to me;
  • Dave Plunkett presented Business-Scene, a national networking organisation that runs monthly facilitated networking events in Swindon. Next event is 27th September 2012. Dave highlighted the benefits of a Business-Scene premium membership – cost £149 per year, and includes free Connections event attendance, discounts on exhibiting, a Regus Gold card plus many other benefits;
  • Sue Trotter highlighted her latest e-book (Out of the Red, Into the Black), which is a ‘stress busting guide to managing your money’ and is available for free download for the next few days here.
  • Ann Douglas is keen to help people get their Wills set up… and preferably whilst they are still alive, whilst Martin Jarvis can help build websites for people… even if they are not!
  • Steve Dye is looking for introductions to hotel and restaurant owners, as he has a service that would be particularly useful to these businesses at the moment;

I want to thank Hew Helps for some great advice he gave me in the informal session after today’s meeting. I had some problems with the performance of an old laptop computer, and Hew gave me a few pointers which, I’m pleased to say, have really helped. Thanks Hew.

I know there were lots of other useful snippets in the meeting, but I’m hoping that those that were there can add their own notes by adding a comment below….

See you all next week.