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    Jo Smyth - "Great meeting today, and nice to see yet more new faces. If you’ve not been to a meeting for a while, do come along. Please note: we will not be meeting December 22 or 29 but will be back on January 5"View
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    Angela Atkinson - "Writing about fascias, guttering and soffits!"View
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    Martin Jarvis - "I’m offering a speed boost package for WordPress websites at the moment. £65+vat per year (including installation). Seeing great performance improvements for updated sites. Let me know if you want one too."View
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    Shirley Hensher - "Spent this morning at the South West Expo at Steam today, where I shared my lovely new business cards and brochures liberally. I met lots of businesses, mainly in professional services, business support and […]"View
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    Kevin Eggleton. - "A big thank you to Mary Hoffman who is going to sponsor a bout or two at the upcoming Walcot ABC boxing show at the Supermarine club in South Marston on the 28th of April. For just £50, you can sponsor a bout or […]"View
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    Martin West - "Preparing for ‘Foundation for Profit Seminar’ to be held on 26th January 2017 at Broome Manor Golf complex. With the landscape changing so quickly for property investors over the past 18 months we aim to provide […]"View
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    Will Job - "Very pleased to be a new website member of Swindon Business Village as part of our networking scheme."View
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    Ben Curtis - "Recovering well after my operation – I should be in attendance next week 🙂"View
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    David Wreathall - "New Prince’s Trust Team Programme starts today. Good luck everyone!"View
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    Mary Hoffman - "Attended another CPD seminar today on wills and probate. Not the most invigorating day to say the least, but very informative nonetheless. Recent developments in the law and interesting cases to share!"View