Another great presentation at Business Village this week, this time from the founder and MD of South Marston-based SMP Ltd, Neil Grant.

Neil set up Strategic Maintenance Planning Ltd 20 years ago which, in its first year of trading, turned over £67K, and in its second year of trading, £1m.  The company provides maintenance planning software solutions. Neil attributes the company’s growth and profitability to the application of  a sales cycle process and, of course, a team of world class professionals.


So what’s the recipe for a successful sales cycle?


As Neil says, this isn’t his formula for success. He has adapted the methodology from the CEO of DEI Management Consulting, Steve Schiffman –  a renowned expert in sales.

Neil likened the sales process to quenching a thirst. You shouldn’t wait until your thirsty, have a drink, then feel thirsty again. Far better to have a hose drip-dripping water into your glass, so you can constantly top up.

He then talked through the stages of the sales cycle – call, contact, appointment, interview, presentation, close – and how to negotiate each vital stage.

If you missed the presentation, or would like a refresher, here it is in full:

Click here to view the full presentation

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