That’s the question we posed – just for fun and not academic research – at our last meeting of 2018. A kind of end-of-term, let-your-hair-down, and have a chat session.

And what emerged is that Business Village excels as a networking group in Swindon because it is supportive, it’s welcoming, it’s not exclusive and – just as you would expect – we get clients, contacts, referrals and recommendations.

So, if you’re looking for a networking group which doesn’t charge an expensive annual membership fee – or any membership fee at all, for that matter – is pay-as-you-go, weekly and effective, why not try Business Village? You’ve nothing to lose (apart from the meeting fee – £9-£12, depending on when you book) and everything to gain.

In fact, the first meeting of the New Year, on January 10th , is a free presentation on Fit for Business for 2019. For more details, book here. We meet Thursdays, 7.30-9am at The Campanile for breakfast and great networking.

Now, here’s what we all thought …

It’s relaxed, chilled, enjoyable and we do business.

Richard Mathews, Optimum Professional Services

I spend a lot of my working time by myself, but at Business Village I meet some fantastic people who are not only helpful, they become friends. .

Stuart Harrison, Photographer

I get some great advice from people inside the room, and that carries on beyond the meetings.

Andy Rhoades, ABR Safety

Working on my own as I do, it’s great to feel so connected with a group of people. The multimind sessions are great because of all the advice and ideas that are put forward. .

Julie Nicholls, Body Mind Coaching

I’ve got lots of work through Business Village, and support which is ongoing, not just at the Thursday meetings.

Reshma Field, Ishbel’s Wardrobe

When networking was the last thing I wanted to do, it proved to be a great introduction to business networking. It has given me confidence and all the conversations I have are genuine – people want to help and support each other.

Emma Hopkins, Story-led Marketing

People are willing to share information. Even people who do a similar business can still get along.

Seb Chiffers, Utility Warehouse

Coming from a corporate background, networking was very new to me but Business Village is brilliant. I love multimind and we have some really inspirational speakers.

Alice Douglass, Grosvenor Consultancy

My work is all online, and I don’t always get to see the clients I build websites for, so I enjoy meeting up with clients at Business Village – offline.

Martin Jarvis, DMJ Computer Services

I didn’t embrace the idea of networking easily, but I must have enjoyed it because I keep coming back!

Graham Clarke, Clarke Knives

I’ve found a roomful of contacts.

Philip Bunt, Compliance Systems

I get some great information and advice, and people are very willing to share.

Ian Locke, Thrive Personal Training

It’s a great support network.

Angela Atkinson, AA Editorial Services

I’ve gained clients, suppliers, support and friends.

Nicki Kinton, Confident Cashflow

Business Village was my introduction to networking and I found it friendly and easy-going. There is so much advice and support – all the help anyone needs to run a business is present in the room.

Shirley Hensher, The Change Agent

Six Fs: friends, fun, frolic, financial gain, feedback and family – it is like having another family.

Sarah Archer, Story-led Marketing

Multimind session bring the greatest benefit, you always learn something new.

Hew Helps, IT Specialist

I enjoy the diversity, there are an incredible number and variety of businesses, and someone will always know someone who can help.

Tim Perkins, TMP Planning

It was my first networking group and is still my favourite. It’s brought me clients, suppliers, and some very good friendships.

Jo Smyth, Word Worker

I love networking and have been to lots of groups, but this is the one I consistently come back to. I feel I belong here.

Yola O’Hara, Visually Explained

The fact that there’s no requirement to go along every week, as with some more formal networking groups, is Business Village’s strength. It’s relaxed and it gets us away from the four walls.

Chris Dawes, Open Dawes Training