If you started 2017  with a clutch of New Year’s resolutions and, almost one month in, have fallen off the wagon, then you’re not alone.

Successful goal setting to achieve a healthy 2017 1According to our expert presenters, who delivered a talk to Business Village today, by the end of January, 64% of people will have given up.

But take heart; there is a way to have goals and stick to them, and not feel too downcast if, occasionally, you slip up.

Today’s talk was delivered by Shirley Hensher (The Change Agent) and Ian Locke (Thrive Personal Training) to a packed Swindon Business Village audience at our weekly venue, The Campanile Hotel, West Swindon.

They explained how health and fitness were good not only for the individual but for the businesses they work for or run. Good health among staff helps reduce absenteeism and aids employee retention. If you’re a business owner, being healthy means you will work more productively, and be a better boss to your staff.

Successful goal setting to achieve a healthy 2017 2Called ‘Successful goal setting to achieve a healthy 2017’ the presenters gave some top tips on achieving success including:

  • Being SMART with your goals
  • Making sure they are goals you want and not what others think you should have
  • Measuring your progress and celebrating your success


And their top tips for 2017?

Ian’s: give up carbs for two weeks

Shirley’s: don’t beat yourself up if you slip up – just get back up and carry on

Shirley and Ian promised a copy of their presentation, and so here it is…

Successful goal setting for a healthy 2017


If you missed this event, don’t forget that we meet every Thursday morning for breakfast at the Campanile Hotel. Newcomers are more than welcome. Just check out our networking event schedule here. And if you’d like to find out more about Business Village, just get in touch.