Tim Lyon of NewTricks TrainingGreat presentation by Tim Lyon of NewTricks Training. The presentation, entitled ‘A Networking Journey’ gave us an insight into Tim’s 20+ years of networking experience, with plenty of ‘what to do’ and ‘what not to do’ tips.

Tim is an excellent presenter, with bags of real-life experience demonstrating how networking really can help to grow your business and achieve business goals – whether that is to find customers, build relationships with suppliers, find sponsors… in fact, pretty much anything that involves people.

Here are a few things that stick in my mind from the presentation…

  • Walk tall (don’t skulk around the room);
  • Dress to impress;
  • Remember names (Tim Lyon = Timothy Dalton!);
  • Develop a process to get yourself into a conversational at a networking event, and…
  • Develop a process for getting yourself out of a conversation at a networking event (remembering the name of the person you’re talking to can be useful in handing them on to somebody else);
  • Get a good handshake technique – not too limp, but not vice-like either;
  • Plan your networking. Make sure you network with people you know can help you;
  • Get your 60 seconds right –
    1. Name and Business
    2. How you can help
    3. Examples
    4. What you are looking for
    5. Name and Business
  • Find the food!
  • Think ‘How can I help them’, rather than ‘What can I sell today’;
  • Networking can be a ‘slow burn’ in terms of a return on investment – don’t attend one meeting and expect to come away with new business;
  • Tim is a funny guy who keeps his audience engaged;

I’m sure there was much more. Please add your own comments if I’ve missed anything…. or if you’d like to comment generally on the event.

Next week (13th August) is a Tri-Networking event. Please do register for this networking event if you know you’re coming along.