Business Village Online – The rise and rise of the Podcast – what, if anything, can this ubiquitous new format do for you and your business

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23/04/2020 : 8:00 am - 9:00 am on Zoom.

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Event description

This morning we have a presentation by Dave Harries. The last few years has seen an exponential increase in the popularity of the podcast with seemingly every celebrity and opinion-former launching their own “radio show” on the web. Listening, or more accurately streaming, figures have gone through the roof as more and more of us subscribe to our favourite shows.

Dave Harries delivers Business Village presentationBusiness too has not been slow off the mark, with more and more companies and organisations launching their own “thought leadership” podcasts as on-line content marketing material. So why is the podcast becoming so popular, so fast? Should it just be entertainment or are businesses right to see it as the next big thing in the world of communications? Is it really challenging on-line video as the business content of choice? Join digital content advisor Dave Harries as he gives an overview of this evolving market and asks, “Should we all be podcasters now?”

Who will benefit from attending?

Anyone who is interested in exploiting on-line media to promote themselves and their brand and who has wondered if podcasting might be part of the answer.

What will attendees learn?

What is a podcast? Where did they come from? Who is doing them and what it takes to make a good podcast that people will listen to.

What qualifies you to deliver the presentation?

Dave is a communications professional with over 30 years of experience in broadcast production, music recording, video production, live facilitating and podcasting. He specialises in digital content-production and client thought-leadership using content-marketing.

Dave’s unique skill-set is based on a solid foundation of career experience. Originally training as a BBC Studio Manager, Dave worked for BBC Radio, the BBC World Service, Dolby Laboratories, Naxos, National Public Radio, WBEZ (Chicago) and countless other freelance contracts in the world of audio, music and video. He set up his own production company in 2008 and continues to produce video and podcasts for numerous clients. Dave’s work and music has taken him all over the world including the United States, China, India and Russia.
Specifically, Dave is an expert interviewer, for both live and pre-recorded TV and radio formats, as well as live event facilitation and guest interviewing. His unique talent allows him to put interviewees at ease, offering them a platform to express themselves authentically, as he guides them gently and expertly through the subjects agreed for discussion. For many people, terrified of live or broadcast presentations, the skilled professional interview offers a perfect platform for effective yet stress-free communication to any audience. Dave can make this a reality, taking the sting out of what is the often perceived as a “hostile environment” to those unaccustomed to such platforms.

Because Dave comes from a BBC-trained, technical background he understands the process of video and podcast production and is able to run and direct projects from start to finish.
Dave is an experienced communicator who is just at home writing a press release or producing, directing and presenting video or podcasts for any company or organisation. He produces and presents his own podcast (The Communication Paradox) as well as podcasts for many clients and has produced, directed and appeared in 100s of client videos.

He also wrote and directed an award-winning TV documentary, Orchestral Manoeuvres in China, which combined his love of film-production with his passion as an amateur orchestral horn-player. Dave is also an avid reader, walker and BBC Radio 4 and 6 listener.

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Plus, of course, we’ll have round table intros (30-60 seconds – we ask that you don’t overrun), breakfast and networking.

The meeting closes at 9-00 but informal networking continues well beyond that time.

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