Business Village Online – Returning to the “new normal” work environment

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18/06/2020 : 8:00 am - 9:00 am on Zoom.

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Event description

This morning, after our usual round table intros (30-60 seconds each), we will have a presentation by Rob Stokes of Optimum Professional Services. As we are all aware the current pandemic, COVID-19, has greatly influenced our lives both within the working environment and our home lives. For many working from home, and possibly home schooling, there has been a blurring of the lines between work and life. This has meant the old adage of work to live not live to work has been harder to adhere too. Now as we focus on the return to work and the “new normal” as many have begun to call it what does this mean for you and your business.

Who will benefit from attending?

Rob Stokes accountantBusiness owners and management of businesses who are looking to re-open their businesses as lockdown eases or those who are already opening but wondering what to do for the best, for both themselves, their staff and their customers.

What will attendees learn?

Some considerations and practical steps to take now but with a view to putting things in place that will help to secure the businesses place in the future. For example what impact does the changing and withdrawing of the furlough scheme have on your business, can you work with 2m social distancing or does 1m suit you better, what does your cashflow look like now and into the future.

What qualifies you to deliver the presentation?

As a qualified accountant I have been working in accountancy practices with a wide range of clients for nearly 25 years. Throughout that time I have helped businesses grow, find new markets and been through the usual economic cycles of good and bad times. Working through the pain of recession when businesses have struggled, focusing the business owners on a path to see them through the pain. As a business owner as well I have undertaken the same planning and taken the same hard decisions that many of you have or will have to take.

The meeting closes at 9-00.

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Business Village is a great way to network and to develop your business and your personal skill. Come along and try us out.

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