How to Create a Pipeline of Dream Customers with 6 Pieces of Content

Where and When

06/06/2019 : 7:30 am - 9:00 am at Campanile Hotel

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About this event

So many business owners feel worn out and overwhelmed by marketing…it’s exhausting trying to keep up with all the social media posting, content generation, and networking and heart breaking when all your efforts don’t bear any fruit and you have to start on the treadmill again.

Sarah Archer presenting How to Create a Pipeline of Dream Customers with 6 Pieces of ContentThe good news is that there is a remedy for the hustle and the hassle…there is a new way of marketing that will enable you to step off the treadmill and get results.

In this presentation Sarah Archer from Story Led Marketing will share how you can create a low maintenance marketing machine that grows your business with just six pieces of content, so that you can save time and money and focus on what you do best.

Here’s why Sarah is perfect to give this presentation :

Sarah is founder of Story Led Marketing, and she helps companies and individuals grow their career or sales using storytelling and humour. Through consultancy, coaching and content creation services, Sarah and her team help companies to develop a marketing strategy and system that reduces overwhelm and content that increases sales.

Drawing on her comedy and theatre background Sarah also coaches people to become sensational speakers, and comedians!

Sarah also has two podcasts, The Speaking Club, which has over 26,000 downloads and is in 110 countries and her new podcast Story Led Marketing is gaining momentum since its launch in late 2018.

With over 20 years in the corporate world, combined with her NLP training and experience as a stand-up comic, copywriter, two-time author, international playwright, and actress, Sarah is a different kind of business and speaking coach.

Who will benefit from attending?

Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Consultants.

What will attendees learn?

In this talk you will discover:

  • The Gap that Could be Losing You Leads
  • The Missing Steps of the Customer Acquisition Journey
  • The six pieces of content you need to create a pipeline of dream customers
  • The secret marketing weapon for Facebook and Instagram

Plus, of course, we’ll have round table intros (30-60 seconds – we ask that you don’t overrun), breakfast and networking.

The meeting closes at 9-00 but informal networking continues well beyond that time.

Come along and join us – you will be most welcome.

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