Fit for Business – Achieving personal well being is key to your business success

Where and When

10/01/2019 : 7:30 am - 9:00 am at Campanile Hotel

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About this event

We’ll be having a joint presentation by Shirley Hensher and Ian Locke, entitled ‘Fit for Business – Achieving personal well being is key to your business success’. Ian and Shirley  work with corporate executives and business owners seeking personal transformation.

Ian Locke runs Thrive Personal Training in Swindon, Wiltshire

Ian Locke

Ian runs Thrive Personal Training and is a personal trainer and nutrition coach. He helps people move, eat and live in ways which improve their health and well being.

As the Change Agent, Shirley enables corporate professionals and business owners shape working lives which fit with their values and aspirations.

For many of us, we are the most valuable asset our business has but we often ignore our own well being in favour of the needs of the business.
Your business needs you. Are you fit for business?

Who will benefit from attending?

Shirley Hensher runs The Change Agent in Swindon Wiltshire

Shirley Hensher

Business owners looking to manage their health and fitness with the same level of energy and focus with which they manage their business.
Business owners who need motivation or support to create the opportunities for more “me time” in their working week.

What will attendees learn?

  • How a fitness regime increases productivity
  • That self care isn’t selfish
  • Practical tips to build healthy habits into the way you do business

Plus, of course, we’ll have round table intros, breakfast and networking.

The meeting closes at 9-00 but informal networking continues well beyond that time.

Come along and join us – you will be most welcome.

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