It’s not a presentation, it’s a conversation – Chris Dawes, of Open Dawes Training

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18/07/2019 : 7:30 am - 9:00 am at Campanile Hotel

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About this event

This week we have a presentation from Open Dawes’s Chris Dawes, purveyor of speaking and presentation skills training, entitled “It’s not a presentation, it’s a conversation”. Here’s what Chris says about his talk…

Chris Dawes of Open Dawes TrainingIf we are blindfolded and told the crunchy thing you are now eating is deep fried locusts we’d grimace as we ate it and decide it tastes horrible, even thought it is crispy dried fruit… our mind is that powerful!!

The same happens when we think “I am a presenter today and I have to present!” It changes the way we talk with/to our audience, and it changes how we feel about it compared to having a conversation round a table with them!

Well if the brain can be fooled into thinking one way, a change or perspective can fool/train it to go the other way too!!

We will look at how we think, plan, “script” and deliver a much more relaxed presentation gives us more of a fun and engaging conversation with the real you!

Plus, of course, we’ll have round table intros (30-60 seconds – we ask that you don’t overrun), breakfast and networking.

The meeting closes at 9-00 but informal networking continues well beyond that time.

Come along and join us – you will be most welcome.

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