5 Tools For Building Your Mental Resilience For a Thriving Business

Where and When

19/09/2019 : 7:30 am - 9:00 am at Campanile Hotel

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About this event

Are the Responsibilities of Running Your Business Robbing You Of Peace of Mind, Confidence and Joy?

It can be tough running your own business and it can be difficult at times to stay positive and motivated.
In this talk Linda Clarke will share 5 practical strategies so that you can be focused, motivated and functional even during difficult times.

Who will benefit from attending?

Linda Clarke presenting at Swindon Business VillageBusiness owners and leaders

What will attendees learn?

That they can control their responses and emotional states

What qualifies you to deliver the presentation?

I am a Master Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Life Coach and Relationship Counsellor, with 13 years in private practice with advanced training in helping people overcome phobias, stress, anxiety & depression, pain management and fertility coaching.

I am passionate about teaching my clients Mindfulness practices.  I had the rewarding experience of teaching this to residents of a rehabilitation treatment center in Johannesburg, South Africa.  It was heart-warming to hear patients say “I have been an addict for many years – I have seen Psychologists, Psychiatrists and been on medication – this is the first thing that has helped me – I feel that I have the tools to help myself, thank you”

There’s more?

Plus, of course, we’ll have round table intros (30-60 seconds – we ask that you don’t overrun), breakfast and networking.

The meeting closes at 9-00 but informal networking continues well beyond that time.

Come along and join us – you will be most welcome.

Business Village is a great way to network and to develop your business and your personal skill. Come along and try us out. Just pay on the day.