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  • For established businesses and start-ups
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  • Breakfast - choice of cooked or continental
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This is what makes Business Village
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Business Village Meets
Every Thursday from 7.30 until 9 @ Campanile Hotel, Delta Business Park, Swindon
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people only see what they want to see

I often talk about the difference between perception and reality, especially in terms of customer service, but it is true in so many ways; people do see, or believe, things even when there is evidence to the contrary. One of the classic illustrations is the folk tale of the Emperor’s New Clothes, but I can […]

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Vote for Inner Flame

30 seconds of your time could make a lifetime difference to a young person. We’ve been shortlisted for a £20,000 grant from NatWest’s “Skills & Opportunities Fund”. This grant would allow us to launch a new training programme for young jobseekers, building on the success of our pilot programmes for “Firework”. We only have until noon […]

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So what if Big Brother is watching?

There is little doubt that we are all under surveillance, whether from CCTV, people prying into our social media and e-mail utterings or tracking where we have been and what we have bought through our use of plastic in various forms. This seems to get a lot of people hot under the collar, but if […]

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You pay for what you get

Recently I have been working with global supply chain people looking at total cost of ownership seeking ways to implement reduction strategies. If we cut out the management speak we’re trying to help them become more competitive. Faced with acheiving cost reduction the position can tend to get a bit predictable; the buyers push for […]

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Can I run all my IT in the cloud?

Cloud Computing is very current with many software packages now being accessed by businesses through the internet. This removes the need to have hardware installed on your local IT network for the software to run on. All of this points towards costs savings in terms of capital expenditure as well as ongoing support of the IT hardware it sits on. The resources put in place by providers of cloud computing…

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is being certain not the right thing to be?

A group of us were chatting over lunch following a mentoring session and one of the group asked me what quality did I think was least desirable in a leader. The context was that we had earlier been working on polishing leadership strengths and it rather disconcerted my audience when I told the that, for […]

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Holiday Humour in the Office – The Case of the Missing Desk

Bathchair Theatre presents:  The Case of the Missing Desk  (a radio script)   Cast:   Inspector Carpark, hardbitten, seen it all detective DS Mills, Carpark’s sidekick Alice Late, Marketing Director Bob Down, HR Manager Anon, Facilities Manager   Inspector Carpark (IC) (in narrative style):           it was just after eight when the call came in […]

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“I had no choice; it was me or him”

The quote was on a news item, but it could have been from anywhere in any number of business situations that I have been in over the years. Many of us will have said it too, but it is nonsense because there is a clear choice in the statement; “me or him”. What we really […]

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empowerment is not a panacea

“Empower your people” is a commonly heard cry and has been for a few years now, but is it really what you want to do? The first problem most people have with implementing any form of empowering the workforce is that they don’t think through what they want to achieve from doing it. Empowerment has […]

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