Welcome to the unique
Business Village Networking experience

  • Opportunities to meet like-minded professionals
  • Give & receive referrals and business advice
  • No costly membership or subscription fees
  • Relaxed informal atmosphere
  • For established businesses and start-ups
  • Informative presentations
  • Breakfast - choice of cooked or continental
  • ...all for only £10 per week
This is what makes Business Village
. . . a meeting of minds - not just businesses
Business Village Meets
Every Thursday from 7.30 until 9 @ Campanile Hotel, Delta Business Park, Swindon
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musing on excess over the festive season

“Everyone has lots of leftovers at Christmas” said the voice from the TV as I was washing up after dinner this evening. It isn’t true for everyone of course, for there are many around the world who will go hungry this and every evening and many more who will have barely sufficient, but certainly here […]

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three things you need to succeed

There are three aspects to performance that everything else hangs on. Without them you can function, but if you want to achieve anything specific you need all three. The first is that specific thing for you need to have an objective and you need to be able to define it. If you can do that […]

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