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  • Opportunities to meet like-minded professionals
  • Give & receive referrals and business advice
  • No costly membership or subscription fees
  • Relaxed informal atmosphere
  • For established businesses and start-ups
  • Informative presentations
  • Breakfast - choice of cooked or continental
  • ...all for only £10 per week
This is what makes Business Village
. . . a meeting of minds - not just businesses
Business Village Meets
Every Thursday from 7.30 until 9 @ Campanile Hotel, Delta Business Park, Swindon
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the power of words

Language has fascinated me for as long as I can remember; to listen to someone speak well or to read something well written is a joy. Language evolves though and even in my lifetime there has been a lot of change. Some of that change is a natural process as we seek to use the […]

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history is not bunk

Life is not simple, for very few things that we have to deal with are as easy as yes or no. In most cases there are a range of factors that have to be taken into account and these will include possible outcomes of each option before us; the consequences of our actions, and not […]

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the young generation are the future

“If you could go back in time and change one piece of history, what would it be?” I was doing some interviewing last week. My role was to probe the breadth and depth of the candidate’s operational abilities while my colleague was looking at the touchy, feely stuff and the above question was one of […]

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do you lead or manage, and why it matters

I write a lot here on leadership issues; it features a lot in what I do and is something that has fascinated me for many years. This week I was reading in an on line forum where the difference between a manager and a leader was under debate. That there is a difference between managing […]

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let your people go and be pleased for them

“Poaching talent” said my fellow speaker, and, even with pantomime season nearly at a close, you could sense the audience wanting to boo and hiss. I was one of a trio of speakers talking about outsourcing, each of us considering the topic from a different angle. My colleague was putting the client perspective and was […]

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