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Every Thursday from 7.30 until 9 @ Campanile Hotel, Delta Business Park, Swindon
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is being certain not the right thing to be?

A group of us were chatting over lunch following a mentoring session and one of the group asked me what quality did I think was least desirable in a leader. The context was that we had earlier been working on polishing leadership strengths and it rather disconcerted my audience when I told the that, for […]

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Holiday Humour in the Office – The Case of the Missing Desk

Bathchair Theatre presents:  The Case of the Missing Desk  (a radio script)   Cast:   Inspector Carpark, hardbitten, seen it all detective DS Mills, Carpark’s sidekick Alice Late, Marketing Director Bob Down, HR Manager Anon, Facilities Manager   Inspector Carpark (IC) (in narrative style):           it was just after eight when the call came in […]

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“I had no choice; it was me or him”

The quote was on a news item, but it could have been from anywhere in any number of business situations that I have been in over the years. Many of us will have said it too, but it is nonsense because there is a clear choice in the statement; “me or him”. What we really […]

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empowerment is not a panacea

“Empower your people” is a commonly heard cry and has been for a few years now, but is it really what you want to do? The first problem most people have with implementing any form of empowering the workforce is that they don’t think through what they want to achieve from doing it. Empowerment has […]

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The return of International Rescue? Maybe not…

Despite the chill of the early Spring day John could feel a bead or two of sweat on his brow as he approached the hotel. He was already beginning to regret having walked to Park Lane from Paddington, but a stroll through to the park had seemed like a good way to fix his mind […]

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musings on how the office can survive into the future

There still seems to be a view that we provide buildings; offices, hospitals, warehouses or whatever and that people come to these places to do things there, and in the case of an office there is a view that we no longer need them, that the technology of today makes many jobs independent of a […]

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Corporate volunteering days launched

Last Friday, Nationwide hosted a “Mock Interview Day” for Prince’s Trust Team Programme participants. A team of over 12 volunteers from the head office of Nationwide Building Society were involved in helping young jobseekers to build their confidence and get valuable feedback to present themselves confidently in group and 1-1 interviews. This event was the first […]

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Your website has mobile issues? It might not have been a big issue in the past, but it soon will be!

How does your website look on a smartphone? Many more searchers are using their phones, and other non-desktop devices to browse websites today, so if your site isn’t mobile friendly they’ll have a poor experience.

This is Google’s view too, so expect them to rank sites accordingly.

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Your website has mobile issues? It might not have been a big issue in the past, but it soon will be! is another great post from: DMJ Computer Services

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Are we nearly there yet?

“Are we nearly there yet?”, that familiar cry from the back seat, and sometimes from the front. The answer may be yes, maybe no, but how do we know? These days when we are on a day out we probably know where we are from our SatNav system and, if you have that set up […]

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